Back/Forth (w/ Joe Hova) | The Crunkest Pioneer

Lil Jon

Back/Forth is just a friendly conversation via email that can happen with anyone about anything at any time… Enjoy today’s featured writers, Joe Hova (of and myself (of, um,, as we give credit to one of the pioneers of music in the early 2000s… Leave a comment if you have anything to add, and be sure to check out his site for more coverage of artists… On to the words…

Eljay – So here’s the thing. Work had me a little on edge the other day, and I decided to binge on Lil’ Jon albums to relieve the stress on the way home. In the midst of me doing 90 (because, Lil’ Jon seemingly makes you drive like a mad man in Birmingham, AL) I actually decided to do something different with the music and listen with a critical ear. It hit me almost immediately that we do NOT give Lil’ Jon enough credit as a producer and as a glue guy for the crazy run that he had that, honestly, is probably one of the main reasons the South kicked in the door for rap in the early 2000’s. I feel like I’m on to something with this, but correct me if I’m wrong, man.

Joe Hova – You’re absolutely right, Lil’ Jon doesn’t get as much credit as he’s owed. He’s one of the reasons the South started taking over the landscape of Hip-Hop. Think about it: Once Jon’s success took off, we had him producing for everybody. Remember that Mobb Deep album with “Got It Twisted” and “Win or Lose”? Yep. Lil’ Jon produced on that. Remember that terrible “Lean Back (remix)”? Yep. Jon was on it. He even produced on Mario’s album when Mario was taking off. AND he gave us plenty of catchphrases thanks to Chappelle’s Show. Continue reading