ALBUM REVIEW | Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – “This Unruly Mess I’ve Made”

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis And French Montana Visit BET's 106 & Park

[Written By// @K1ngEljay]

This review is strictly based on the music. Rejoice.

Most reviews seem to get away from that angle for some reason and start to focus on the politics behind the music, if the artists in question are truly independent, if the artist’s are truly committed to the cause, and a bunch of other factors that, in other situations, could very well be important to the quality of the music. I would be lying if I didn’t say that there are some serious factors here that needs to be addressed when dealing with Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’ music.

That’s later, however. This review, again, is strictly based on the music; This Unruly Mess I’ve Made is as self-aware of an album as can be, but it’s from a different viewpoint this time around. Only great artists can take the current point in their lives, make it music, and make us care. Macklemore pulled it off with The Heist, but one of the biggest things going for that album was the fact it came out of nowhere. Mack’s underdog status was matched by the receipts he left on YouTube in the forms of incredible visuals and singles like “Wings” and “The Otherside” (outside of “And We Danced”…because….I don’t know what that was), and it was hard to slander the music unless you just didn’t like the dude.

Or, if you wanted Kendrick Lamar to win the Grammy for Album of the Year that one time. Continue reading