Album Review | Bas’ “Too High To Riot”

Bas 1

[Words By// @K1ngEljay]

You know, it’s not like Abbas Hamad just came out of nowhere with a dope project for us to write about. To be honest, he’s been trending towards this for quite some time. The Dreamville artist has quietly been carving out an incredible discography, dating back to the Quarter Water Raised Me series that introduced him to the world. Since Dreamville’s union with Interscope, he’s been releasing better quality, so it makes sense for Too High To Riot to come out about this time.


Even still, it’s refreshing to have to even preface reviews with things like this. Abbas (aka, Bas) is a quality artist, and he’s proven that with his last few releases. The level-up is upon us, however, with his latest album release for Too High To Riot. Outside of a few minor issues, there’s not a lot of things that keeps me from enjoying this project front to back. Continue reading