Crack|The|Crown’s Best Of 2015 (The Top 10)

[Written By// @K1ngEljay]

It has been an incredible year for music in 2015. Anyone who’s told you different doesn’t know how to find the music they love, because there was so much to drop this year in almost every category, for every type of rap and hip-hop fan. Since went on a bit of a hiatus towards the end of last year, it’s only right that we attempt to catch you up on the main things you may have missed out on. The following post is a year-end list, but with a bit more detail than normal. It must be noted that these are my favorite projects to come out, and although the logic (not the rapper) within will be sound, feel free to disagree and argue in the comments as much as you like. We welcome the discourse. That being said, check out the ten projects to survive my personal iPod this year.

10 | Jay Rock x “90059”

Jay Rock - 90059 (Artwork)

We could mention how 90059 lost a bit (okay, a LOT) of it’s momentum by TDE’s mismanaging the release date. Granted, in other situations it would be an ingenious idea to have the fans preorder the album and dictate the release by the amount of preorders, but you can ask GameStop how pushing preorders can make you an enemy of the state. By the time the album was official and the release date set in stone, no one truly believed them. It took Jay Rock’s album leaking, and us being able to hear it for ourselves for people to pay attention. I’m thankful for the music being really good, but the politics around the album (and, honestly, the videos outside of “Vice City“) almost ruined it for me. Continue reading