LISTEN | Elzhi – “coSIGN” (feat. Skonie)

  • Artist | Elzhi (feat. Skonie)
  • Song | “coSIGN”
  • ProjectLead Poison (March 2016)

So a while back, I tweeted about an Elzhi fan toying with the idea of suing him. I thought it was extreme, until it came out that he started a kickstarter, raised a bunch of money, and subsequently vanished into thin air. That’s definitely bad business, and the more I dove into the story, the more it seemed like Elzhi wasn’t being 100% with the fans that rocked with him enough to support the venture.

And then, a few days ago, the skies parted and Elzhi descended upon us with not only a new song, but an interview and an album release date. Turns out, Elzhi had some personal issues he had to deal with. Depression had a bit of a grip on him, and although Lead Poison is a very ominous-sounding title, the album’s supposedly about the recovery. I’m definitely interested to see what’s up with that, but for now, check out “coSIGN” up top, and the interview here, via Noisey.



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