LISTEN | Blahzé Misfits – “Hillary Clinton”

  • Artist | Blahzé Misfits
  • Song | Hillary Clinton

The duo Blahzé Misfits, comprised of Ly Moula and Georgie Lobstas, are not new to this. Seeing as how they sparked discourse about double standards and humorless critics with their last album, Colonel Custard’s Lonely Dick Pic Band, Blahzé can’t possibly be strangers to controversy, but it doesn’t take much time with their art to realize that while they aren’t quite always looking for it, they absolutely welcome it. Basically, this is a knowingly subversive but fun-loving pair, and that should be fine with us. After all, what is art if not challenging and/or merry?

That being said, their new record, “Hillary Clinton“, should come as no surprise.

Over production by CamGotHits, the Misfits address dubious actions taken throughout their lives with this timely nod to the notoriously inconsistent stance-having presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. Here, we have the flip-floppy nature of your standard politician juxtaposed with the “flipping” of various “items” for reasonable purposes, leaving us to debate on the various ethical dilemmas. Aptly-titled song indeed. However, “Hillary Clinton” isn’t to be taken as a form of harsh anti-Hillary propaganda, though; the repetition and tone with which the chorus is delivered assures that the song can’t help but place Clinton in a purely satirical, if not somewhat endearing, light.

Ultimately, in true Blahzé fashion, Moula and Lobstas kept their tongues in their cheeks and a smirk on their faces while finding yet another ingenious way to unflinchingly comment on themselves, the world around them, and how they intersect.



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