WATCH | Nat Anglin – “Shhh! (Can I)”

  • Artist | Nat Anglin
  • Song | “Shhh! (Can I)”
  • ProjectWelcome To BosAngeles’ (TBA 2016)

It is ALWAYS fun for me to post Nat Anglin’s music to the site. He’s one of the few people that I rock with (personally, as well) that genuinely enjoys what he’s doing, and it translates to – essentially – everything he does. There’s not too many people I want to succeed as bad as the homie just because of how authentic he’s been to this side over the last few years.

So of course we’re posting his new music to the site; get used to it. Nat’s got an EP, Welcome To BosAngeles, coming out sometime this year, and he brings some feel-good vibes to “Shhh! (Can I)” so enjoy as he talks his, uh, stuff, on track. We’ll keep you posted on the newness as it drops.



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