WATCH | ehiorobo – “gilderoy lockhart”

  • Artist | ehiorobo 
  • Song | “gilderoy lockhart”
  • Project | limeade

“Sum’ns pretty cool about those dark, dark arts…

I was put on to this elixir of a record a few nights ago, thanks to a Facebook share from one of my favorite artists (more on him in my coming Top 10 of 2015 post). Due to my being a weary/wary, cynical fleshbag, a side-effect of being alive in the year 2016, it’s increasingly rare that I find myself able to indulge in one of my pastimes: spazzing immediately and completely out upon something new entering my little life that hits my spiritual g-spot. Thankfully, I got to do that with “gilderoy lockhart”.

“Landscapes inspired by farms…”

Written (and produced!) by ehiorobo himself, “gilderoy lockhart” reminds me of places much better than this planet. The places I’ve only visited through shards of (likely false) past-life memories. Regardless, songs like this one lead me to want to believe these memories are true. Songs this soothing can’t be a lie.

As if the aural stimulation wasn’t enough, the visual, directed beautifully and effectively by Spencer Gold, has me feeling like when I was eight, picturing myself as the protagonist in a boundless, colorful, grave, cheeky, high-stakes, wholly unique epic. Perhaps I’m just talking too much about myself and am trying to say that ehiorobo and Gold created an entire world in just over five minutes, a world in which I think it would be lovely to live in. For I, too, have been at the beach with friends at dusk, eventually finding myself compelled to wander off from them to get totally lost in my quirky, sometimes anxiety-inducing but always interesting, make-believe scenarios, hoping I don’t seem rude or standoffish in the process. And right on cue, my friends, observing the hallucinations from afar, come and rescue me from drowning in my own fever dream of a mind.

But yeah. I’m sorry for this embarrassing writing. “gilderoy lockhart” just spoils my sensibilities. When a song reaches out with a warm, fresh embrace, I end up writing like this. I wouldn’t have it any other way, because this is #TheGoodStuff. The stuff that keeps me alive. Why would I not write this way about a song that manages to gracefully include so many things I love? Let’s make a list:

  • Rainbow sherbet ice cream
  • Harry Potter references (Gilderoy still a mark, though.)
  • Saxophones (shout out Noel Gordon Jr. on the track; you had ya’ boy floating)
  • Unimpressed facial expressions
  • Freestyled, spasmodic dance movements
  • The beach at dusk, a scene that can’t help but look cinematic
  • Convicted, distinct singing/rapping and sharp, thoughtful writing
  • T-shirts repping old children’s television programs that don’t seem cheaply shoehorned in to capitalize on the nostalgia of exhausted young adults, but instead reflect honest appreciation
  • Hanging out with friends
  • Just wanting to tell a girl that “you look so cool”

… Yeah. All in all, this is shaping up to be one of my favorite songs of the year. And I’m so thankful I got to experience it in my lifetime.

[Eljay’s Edit: Melvin’s acting like the year has been here for sooo long, but whatever, his post, lol]

If you like it as much as I do, his new album Limeade (a delicious, inexplicably underrated beverage, I might add) just dropped/premiered Monday through DESKPOP. You can stream it there or below, and download it here.

iTunes link for those Apple-lovers:

Free download of just “lockhart”:

Merry Tuesday afternoon to y’all.


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