LISTEN | Sylvan Lacue – “Caravan 04” (feat. Linzi Jai)

  • Artist | Sylvan Lacue (formerly known as QuESt)
  • Song | “Caravan 04” (feat. Linzi Jai)
  • Prod. | Fortune
  • Project | E V A N G E L I N E [EP] (available now)

I’ve been friends with QuESt for a while, and to be honest, hearing the news that he dropped the moniker and decided to go by his real name – Sylvan Lacue – makes sense. The last few months (cough, years) he’s been going back and forth trying to find himself, and it seems like he’s found the catalyst to unlock his true potential. Not gonna spoil it here (she’s all on his Instagram, though) but this is one of the fan-favorite tracks from the EVANGELINE EP, which you can stream and download up top. The entire project’s produced by Fortune, and “Caravan 04” has that vibe to it so go ahead and rock to it.


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