Required Reading | Why ‘Def Jam: Fight For NY’ Is One Of The Best Games Ever Made

Fight For NY (1)

[Written By// @K1ngEljay]

I have to admit something.

I’m a huge fighting game fan. Don’t get me wrong, there’s several genres of games I enjoy. I can tank 20+ hours into a role-playing game without even knowing if I like it or not (like, The Witcher 3, for example), I’m always down to pick up a shooter and blow enemies away, and sports games (mainly basketball, I’ll be honest) are always good for ruining friendships.

However, there is something much more intimate about being able to pick up a controller, hand your friend the other one, and beat the crap out of them with minimal excuses. You can’t blame lag, hit markers, your dog, stupid A.I. that wouldn’t run the correct play, or elements like we’re prone to do in RPGs. All of that goes out of the window when you have punch, kick, and block buttons and two characters with health, and your objective is to drain theirs.

Every attack just LOOKS like it has ill intentions.

It’ll probably hurt them more than it’ll hurt us.

At the same time, I thoroughly enjoy games that are aware of their surroundings. Some TV shows and even Anime are like that, making clever references to pop culture or music. I got to watch Black Lagoon for the first time the other day, and they made a Brett Favre reference that made me laugh. Those type of things add a layer of replay value for me.

So when games combine the best of both worlds, I – for lack of a better phrase – flip out. X-Men Vs. Street Fighter had me in my emotions. Super Smash Bros. came out for the Nintendo 64 and I was running around like an idiot with my cousins:


I essentially thought that was as high as we could get in life, but then one day I stumbled across Def Jam: Vendetta. For those that don’t know, it was a wrestling game that combined the current rap roster from Def Jam and the newly minted Def Jam South with other artists, celebrities, and models and made them all go crazy with over-the-top wresting moves. In short, it was a precursor for greatness based off a simple premise, but there was a wrinkle.

I don’t like wrestling games. Continue reading

Album Review | Anderson .Paak – “Malibu”

Malibu (Artwork)

[Written By // @shanglennon

Just his second project under this moniker, Malibu is a gritty, versatile album that weaves through personal hardships, familial subject matter, and a confident realization that Anderson .Paak, formerly Breezy Lovejoy, is a name we won’t soon forget. .Paak’s versatility and unique approach to production are clearly strengths that he embraces. From the jazzy opening track “The Bird”, we’re taken through an array of genres and influences that seamlessly flow to create a cohesive piece of work.

I first became aware of .Paak due to his production of almost the entirety of spoken word artist and rapper Watsky’s third studio album, All You Can Do. Before being noticed as half of the duo NxWorries with Knxwledge or for his features on Dr. Dre’s Compton LP, I had an awareness of his broad range. His first project under his flipped government name, Venice, was a good indication that we’d be hearing something special with this sophomore effort. Continue reading

LISTEN | Mouse Sucks – “Crying At The Strip Club”

Toronto, stand up! If you actually stood up, good for you; I wouldn’t be able to see that from this side of the internet, but the funny thing about the internet are the things you come across. The first music submission we got for the new site came from Mouse Sucks, a Toronto native that seems to make music based on how he feels at that particular moment.

No, not Drake.

That being said, this is a quirky little tune that feels more like a freeverse than anything, but it’s entertaining and there’s some skills that seep out. “Crying At The Strip Club” (yes, that’s the name of the song) is odd, but that’s by design. Take a listen to it up top, and let us know what you think.

P.S: The teardrop from Mouse is NSFW if you zoom in, so there’s that.


WATCH | Nat Anglin – “Shhh! (Can I)”

  • Artist | Nat Anglin
  • Song | “Shhh! (Can I)”
  • ProjectWelcome To BosAngeles’ (TBA 2016)

It is ALWAYS fun for me to post Nat Anglin’s music to the site. He’s one of the few people that I rock with (personally, as well) that genuinely enjoys what he’s doing, and it translates to – essentially – everything he does. There’s not too many people I want to succeed as bad as the homie just because of how authentic he’s been to this side over the last few years.

So of course we’re posting his new music to the site; get used to it. Nat’s got an EP, Welcome To BosAngeles, coming out sometime this year, and he brings some feel-good vibes to “Shhh! (Can I)” so enjoy as he talks his, uh, stuff, on track. We’ll keep you posted on the newness as it drops.


WATCH | Russ – “Losin Control”

  • Artist | Russ
  • Song | “Losin’ Control”

Russ out here droppin’ videos with the most minimal of announcements, and his fanbase is ravenous for it. No cosigns whatsoever (besides mine, but that’s not entirely relevant in this case, lol) and he’s pulling the numbers that some artists would dream for. That being said, his quality hasn’t tampered off in any case; it’s an impressive run that dates way back, and you can check the website for proof of that.

Ain’t nothin’ changed except his hair length, to be honest. In this scenario, Russ goes for the effective, melodic approach to get his message across. The video up top is simply put, but crashes the point home… Literally. “Losin Control” is a solid visual, so check it out.


LISTEN | Uncle TreY – “Excuses” (feat. Ballad)

Uncle TreY might be one of the more smile-inducing names I’ve heard for an artist for a while, but he’s been moving forward with his music at a solid pace. His latest project, nostalgianticipation, has been slated for a review on Crack|The|Crown since the day it dropped (you know, back before anyone knew what we were planning, ha), but we’ve been unable to act on it until now, so expect that in a few days.

On this Kendox-produced single, TreY recruits singer Ballad to help get his point across, and the result is pretty smooth. I haven’t heard TreY on a song like this, but I’m just truly getting into his music as well. It’s fun to just be a fan sometimes…

Check out “Excuses” up top, and we’ll update you when the review drops.



LISTEN | Freddie Gibbs -“Cocaine Parties In L.A.”

  • Artist | Freddie Gibbs
  • Song | “Cocaine Parties In L.A.”

Freddie Gibbs is still riding high off his stellar LP, Shadow of a Doubt, but is still dropping music at a steady clip. After already dropping a couple of bangers, he’s back to black out over a Kanye West track. “Cocaine Parties In L.A.” is a flow exhibition that includes bars about Stacey Dash, Raven Symone, The Chappelle Show, and, of course, drugs. Check out the music up top.

LISTEN | Hotstylz – “TONIK”

  • Artist | Hotstylz
  • Song | “TONIK”
  • Project | Hot Garbage

You gotta be able to laugh sometimes, and Hotstylz can make some comical songs. They put their personality into it, and although they don’t have the biggest following like they maybe should, they still sound like they’re having fun on the track. Can’t get mad at that. That being said, let the roast session begin; “TONIK” is an acronym, but I’d rather not spoil it for you, haha. Their project Hot Garbage, is supposedly coming soon, but we’ll see how that shapes up as a full body of work.